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New Page Added

Not for the manga…for the site. I’ve added an official “How to Read Manga” page to the site. The page links are all up top.


Insomnia is AMAZING!

lifeYeah…so lately I haven’t been able to sleep. And that’s not changing tonight either. It’a already alomst five AM, and I’m just tired and REALLY hungry. I took a sleeping pill…but it didn’t work obviously. And the great thing is I have to work in eleven hours. Oh well whatever. I’ve recently cut back on my soda consumption and have started drinking a LOT of tea. I have the occasional beer too but whatever. Well, I’m going to go doodle a bit and then hopefully pass out. Later

Page 7 Added

witchtower1Page 7 has been added to the line up =D

What’s Going On?

witchtower1So people are having problems figuring out what’s goin on. Here’s the low down:

Page one: Being floating in space, notices something and zooms to Earth

Page two: Ryuiji (young man) is walking down the street and looks up to see a shooting star

Page three: Ryuji arrives home, greeted by his mom, goes to his room

Page four: Checks internets, showers, brushes teeth, plays video games before finally going to sleep.

Page five: The being from space appears in his room, smiles, and stabs him in the forehead

Page six: Ryuji wakes up in a strange place and wonders where he is.

Note, please visit the how to read page.

First 6 Pages Are Online Now!

witchtower1Click the link to the right to read!



I’m taking my time drawing out the manga (and getting distracted, bored and depressed), so it’ll be a few days before the first issue is released. Thanks everyone for the support!

The Epic First Post!


Started a blog to keep everyone up to date on the progress of my manga, Witch Tower, debuting this Saturday! Everything will be posted on my DeviantArt account and on this blog! So please add this to your favorites!