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Page 13 is online now! I’m gonna be kickin em out hardcore from now on! Thanks for all your patience and thanks for reading!


Hey Guys

Sorry I STILL haven’t gotten it up yet! >.< It’s not that I’m lazy or anything, I was out of town over the weekend and have also become addicted to WoW once again. Thanks for all the new readers who have stopped by! I hope everyone is enjoying so far!

Hand Me Downs


I’ve decided I’m going to draw the remaining pages of chapter 1 by hand instead of digitally. 🙂 They’ll be up soon.

Page 10 is online


Page 10 is up. More this week =D Promise!


witchtower1So the next couple of pages should be available by Thursday. And things will FINALLY start to make some sense! But for today I’m going to get all of the art books and manga I have, sprawl them out and practice and study different forms and technique! I hope everyone is enjoying Witch Tower so far! Thank you all for reading (even if it makes no sense so far)!

Just a poll. I’m curious

Ok, so I tried doing polls but they kept failing…so now I’m just gonna do this…

If my art sytle changed throughout the comic (i.e. One issuse sketchy, the other clean and inked, different look for characters etc.) would you mind?


Pages 8 and 9 added


Yup. Added pages 8 and 9 to the line up. Who is this mysterious young woman that saved Ryuji’s life!? You’ll fid out soon! =D But it’s 5:30 AM. So I need to sleep. Damn insomnia…well…maybe not. Atleast I got a lot of work done. Oh yeah. Added some new images to the image gallery too! And some more anime links —->

Thanks everybody! Leave some comments or email me at witchtowermanga@gmail.com and let me know what you think about the manga and the site!